The research mission of the Department of Pathology is focused on basic science and clinical investigation as it pertains to improving the diagnosis of human disease and care of the patient. Research interests include the human papilloma virus and vaccine development, molecular diagnosis of hematopoietic diseases and renal transplantation. Research values include accuracy, application and advancement.

Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) has launched the Center for Cell Reprogramming to promote research and education of a recent discovery involving stem-like cells that hold great potential for personalized medicine. 

The center already has drawn scientists from around the world to learn how to create conditionally reprogrammed cells (CRCs), a procedure also known as the “Georgetown Method,” because of its establishment by university researchers.

“In short, we discovered a way to grow normal and tumor cells from the same patient — forever — and nobody [before] has been able to do that,” says Dr. Richard Schlegel, chair of the department of pathology at GUMC and a professor of oncology at GUMC’s Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Visit the the Center for Cell Reprogramming website.